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With Thankful Hearts - Thanksgiving Activity

With Thankful Hearts - Thanksgiving Activity

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Gather your family and celebrate the season of thanks with our With Thankful Hearts activity kit! Fill out the included thankful leaves with words of gratitude and adorn your large poster tree (included in the kit) with a festive reminder of all the things you're thankful for. Gather round and embrace the thankful season! From family time to festive decorations, With Thankful Hearts is perfect for embracing the season of gratitude and service! Let your words of gratitude take root. You'll love the warmth it adds to your space.

Included in the kit:

  • Instructions
  • Two activity ideas on how to use the kit
  • List of ideas for Acts of Kindness
  • Several Quotes on Kindness
  • Birch Leaves Pattern
  • Maple Leaves Pattern
  • Tree Poster
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